• Luchthavenlaan 25A Building 1-4, B-1800 Vilvoorde - Belgium

  • P: +3227208313

What we do

Alfa Airlines Services introduces the product of the Airline on the local market and sells the air cargo capacities in favor of the Airlines that we represent.

  • Frequent Personal Visits
  • Proactive & Regular Communication
  • Full Marketing  Report on frequent basis
  • All Operational & Sales activities
  • Product Development
  • Planning & Supervision of the flights
  • Coordination and Supervision of the booked  cargo
  • Ground Handling Supervision
  • Tracing & Claim Handling
  • Advertising & PR
  • Full Data Capture
  • Invoicing

Why you want to work with us!

We are one of the only family businesses and full GSSA services in the international cargo business. We offer personable and flexible service selling and marketing cargo space. We also take care of the full coordination, supervision and handling of cargo from point A to point B.

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